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    Tashkent City

    The international  center “Tashkent City” is one of the largest urban projects carried out in the Republic of Uzbekistan, featuring modern hotels, shopping and entertainment centers, a park area, and residential development. All these objects are united by a common architectural concept, enhanced by modern technological solutions and executed in harmony with the traditions of national architecture.

    The park zone of the city is the largest recreational area in Uzbekistan, covering 18.6 hectares. The park is home to over 4,500 trees of various kinds and a reservoir with a unique water show. And now, the first 7D cinema in Uzbekistan (Flying theater) and a planetarium from Fulldome.pro are added to the modern park!

    15-meter planetarium

    The 15-meter fixed planetarium has a unique concept. To create an illusion of flight through space, no seats are provided, and the audience can move freely around or lay down on the floor to enjoy the show.

    Fulldome.pro delivered the complete setup – the dome screen and the projection system. 

    7D Flying theater

    Flying theater, the first 7D cinema in Uzbekistan, required a lot of additional engineering solutions from our team.

    Due to space limitations of the existing building, our engineers created a one of a kind 10M truncated vertical high-contrast screen without the frame that was installed with the minimum loads on the walls of the building.

    This type of screen allowed us to save space for the maximum amount of motion seats, creating an unforgettable flying experience for many visitors.

    The international business center in Tashkent City opened on October 13th, 2019, and welcomed thousand’s of happy visitors.

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    Diameter 16m (52ft)
    standing capacity 260 people

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