VR Projection Room vs VR Projection Dome

We have all been fascinated with Virtual Reality (VR) technology at least once in our lifetime. VR provides a simulated experience that can be similar to or completely different from the real world and has applications in entertainment, education, and business.

While it is still a relatively new technology, VR has evolved a lot. Initially, we experienced VR via a headset. Now VR projection rooms and VR projection domes have come into the market and completely changed the game. VR is no longer a solo activity that isolates the viewer from their surroundings but a shared group experience. Let us discuss the two technologies that make this possible in more detail.

VR Projection Rooms

A VR projection room is a, usually permanent, room where high-resolution content is projected onto the walls, and sometimes the floor or ceiling, or both, to create an immersive environment. VR projection rooms are used for:

  • Automotive Engineering and Design
  • Aerospace Engineering and Design
  • Scientific Research
  • Simulation, Training, and teaching
  • Video Game Design

VR Projection Domes

A VR projection dome takes the projection room to the next level, replacing the walls and ceiling with a seamless hemispherical dome. Fulldome.pro have mastered the design and manufacturing 360 dome theaters and introduced the innovative VR Dome, with projection, almost to floor level. This creates 360º of immersive VR experience, without the distortions where walls and ceilings meet. Domes can also be portable – a twelve-meter dome, to accommodate up to 100 people, can be transported in a minivan and installed in just half a day!

VR projection domes can also be used for:

  • Corporate events and trade shows
  • Theme parks
  • Festivals
  • Planetariums and educational institutions
  • Private parties and events

Which is better: VR rooms or VR domes?

VR rooms and VR domes are similar but can have slightly different use cases. Admittedly we are a little biased when it comes to comparisons but we think the VR domes are the winner. 

Some of the benefits of VR domes over VR rooms are as follows:


A VR dome is generally easier and quicker to set up than a VR room. Thus, you can save a lot of time in comparison to VR rooms. Even setting up a dome inside an existing room will be faster than painting walls and installing a bespoke projection system.


A VR room is often made with only three projection walls, while a VR dome offers a 360º projection surface, without corners or edges where the image is distorted, thereby giving a better experience.


“Pound-for-pound” domes are stronger and cheaper than a cube-like structure of a similar floor area. For outdoor use they are often the only practical option.


 VR domes offer a stand-alone structure that can be easily installed, dismantled and transported from place to place, allowing you to take your VR experience to your audience.

VR is slowly taking over the infotainment industry with the immersive experience it offers. VR rooms and domes play an important role in this journey. VR projection domes have more use cases and many benefits over VR projection rooms 

VR Dome 2.0

Welcome our new product that changes the game—the dome with 250 degrees projection. Watch the video to find out more.

3M dome: a perfect tool for presenting your ideas

Neil: Hello everyone. Today we are going to talk about one of our most popular and user-friendly products – the 3 meter open faced dome.

Yana: The 3-meter dome can fit almost anywhere, even small rooms with low ceilings, which is just one of the reasons we have sold or rented more than 100 of these around the world.

Dome installation

N: It is also extremely easy to install and set up. The 3-meter dome can be installed by just one person and ready for use in a few hours. With these color-coded poles and specially designed connectors, you can assemble the frame in no time. There are no tools or extra equipment required. After a few installations, you can be a 3-metre dome expert too. Because we use aircraft-grade aluminum and polyethylene and polyamide connectors, the weight of the frame is just 15 kilograms, but it is still very strong and durable. Put the cover over the outside. We attach the dome to a support ring.


Screen for a dome

N: Next we attach the screen inside the frame, which can be mounted on poles, attached to the walls or suspended from the ceiling. After connecting the screen and cover around the perimeter of the frame, we attach a near-silent vacuum fan to the duct and suck the air out from between the screen and cover.

Y: In just over a minute we have a perfectly formed dome screen.

N: Screen fabric is a specially treated, low-gain, industrial polyester fabric that offers good contrast and brightness – perfect for digital projection.

screen for the dome

Projection System

N: The ring that supports the dome also supports the projectors. For ultimate portability, we use our DX4 Mini projection system with DLP projectors that fit in the palm of your hand. In situations where there is a lot of ambient light, like a trade expo or building foyer, we use our standard DX4 system with larger, brighter projectors. This gives a slightly higher resolution between 2.7K and 3K. This is essentially the same projection system we use on domes up to 10-meters diameter.

Y: At the heart of every Fulldome.pro projection system is our revolutionary Media Server. Our single server ideology helps make installation a breeze – saving time, space and energy.

N: All four projectors in the DX4 Mini or DX4 system connect to the single Media Server.


N: Once the projectors are roughly aligned and connected to the Media Server we place the calibration unit at the center of the dome and use the intuitive iPad app to start the fully automatic calibration process.

Y: Now is a good time to grab a cup of coffee.

N: Subsequent calibrations and adjustments can be completed in under 5 minutes.

Y: Now your dome is perfectly calibrated with a seamlessly blended image, bright whites and deep blacks, and is ready for an audience.

dome calibration

Content for the dome

Y: Choose from one of over 40 shows in the starter content package included with every new system, from custom content created specifically for your needs by our team or your own creative agency, or existing content converted for the dome format.

N: Fulldome Live feature you can play 4K fulldome content directly from production systems – ideal for quickly previewing fulldome or IMAX content, without needing to pre-slice, format or encode. You can even use a window in part of the dome screen for showing flat content or PowerPoint like presentations. Contact Fulldome.pro team or visit the website for more information.

Dome to turn an event into an unforgettable experience

Today people are surrounded by a wealth of information. That is why your #1 task is to make people remember your event and to remember you as the organizer. We are not experts in the event organization sphere. But we are experts in the geodesic dome sphere. And we know how to use a dome to achieve a purpose and make an event unique. Working in the market since 2010, we know how to make people talk about your event. Check our three most popular usages for an event dome.

Marketing Purposes

dome for marketing purposes

Marketing events (expos, conferences, forums, presentations, etc.) are a great tool to present your company or product. Attract people with a customized dome shell featuring your logo or any picture. Show a VR presentation for a fully immersive presentation in the dome to involve visitors in your story.

Features for marketing and brand activation: 

  • customized decorative cover
  • small or medium size
  • customized dome shape


dome for different events

For marketing and business events, a dome is a novel tool to present information. In this case, a dome can be used either as a venue or an entertaining zone. Or both. Big geodesic domes are constructed in just 2–3 days (depending on the installation team size) and let you have a unique venue for a big group of people. You can use as a projection dome (both inside or outside projection) or a tent for parties, weddings, dinners, dancing, or just as an area for chilling. Projection inside the dome gives more opportunities to entertain event guests: show a 360-degree film, synchronize music with content, and add the VR experience to your party.

Features for events and parties:

  • range of sizes
  • any decorative solution for the dome
  • quick installation
  • music visualization software

Festivals and Live Events

geodesic dome for festival

Big domes offer attractive possibilities for festival participants: external projection, special visual effects under the dome, attractive decor, VR, and interactive entertainment. Ease of operation makes it convenient for you. Fulldome.pro provides medium and large domes that comfortably fit up to 1200 people. A standard, decorative, or semitransparent dome cover helps you to create a venue for a lounge, for entertainment, or for performances and concerts at any type of event.

Features of the dome for festivals:

  • large sizes
  • portable
  • quick to install
  • different kinds of decorative covers

We shared three of the most common dome solutions for events. But the opportunities for usage go far beyond these suggestions. Contact us to discuss your idea about how to use an event dome and we will realize your vision.

Making It Clear: The Differences Between Types of Dome Screen

There is a great variety of different products and extra parts on the projection dome market, and this can make the process of choosing the right dome difficult and stressful. One extra part you can buy is a type of screen for geodesic domes. We talked to our experts to clear up any misunderstandings. We hope this will allow you to choose the best solution according to your dome usage and requirements.

The Ideal Screen for You

Depending on the size and the purpose of the dome you require, dome companies offer two types of screen for geodesic domes: tilted and non-tilted. Fulldome.pro provides a third unique type of screen: a non-tilted low screen.

Tilted Screen

The tilted screen is a perfect solution for a cinematic experience. The tilted position of the screen is very convenient for any viewer, whether they are standing, sitting on chairs or beanbags, or right on the floor. The tilt of the screen means the viewer is in a very natural position, allowing them to enjoy the show and get a fully immersive experience. However, since the front part of the screen is quite low, visitors walking close to projectors in the dome can cast shadows onto the screen. For this reason, we do not recommend this type of screen for in-dome events. A tilted screen can be used in the domes of any size, and it is perfect for smaller domes.

small projection dome

Pros & Cons:

  • can fit any dome size
  • ideal for a cinematic experience
  • not suitable for in-dome events

How to Use It:

  • mobile/stationary planetariums
  • flying theatres
  • dome attractions

Non-Tilted Screen

A screen like this is ideal for holding presentations, parties, and dance events inside a dome. The projection screen creates a live immersive spheric ceiling for the venue. The position of the screen allows visitors to walk around freely inside the dome without casting shadows. The non-tilted screen begins at a height of 2.2 meters from the floor. For this reason, this standard screen type starting from 10M (33ft) dome.

Pros & Cons:

  • perfect for any in-dome event
  • permits free movement inside the dome
  • provides the least immersive experience of all dome screen types

How to Use It:

  • business events and presentations
  • live performances and dance events
  • corporate meetings and special ceremonies

Non-Tilted Low Screen

The non-tilted low screen is a unique piece of technology that helps to create the most immersive in-dome experience. A dome with a screen like this is often called a VR Dome. The screen begins at a height of 40 cm from the floor, meaning viewers are fully involved in the content. The effect created by the screen makes this dome an affordable alternative to a 360 Dome. At the moment, this type of screen offers the most immersive experience of all dome screens. However, viewer capacity is limited due to the type of projection system. This type of dome screen type starting from 7M (23ft) dome.

Pros & Cons:

  • offers the most immersive experience
  • an affordable alternative to a 360 Dome
  • has limited capacity

How to Use It:

  • immersive presentation
  • flying theatres
  • 360 dome experience

3+1 solutions to amaze everyone in 2019

The start of a new year invites us not just to look forward to the excitement to come, but to reflect on the year that has passed. For Fulldome.pro 2018 was full of unique projects & events, bright experiences, and new technologies. After reviewing of achievements, we highlighted the three most important technologies of the year. These are the ideal tools to create unforgettable & unique dome experiences in 2019!

VR dome for floor-to-floor projection

virtual reality projection dome in LAA fully immersive experience requires either a headset, which isolates the viewer, or 360°x360° projection which requires the construction of a substantial, expensive, and permanent facility. To create portable shared immersive experiences we built the innovative floor-to-floor projection dome with ultra-low screen line – the VR DOME. Perfect for expos and trade shows, the VR Dome is also a new more affordable way to create a flying theater experience.

Key features of VR DOME

  • uses 25% more of the dome for  projection;
  • low screen line;
  • fully immersive experiences.

In & Out – external projection

projection dome with external projection in moscowFulldome.pro created a new solution for events, parties, and festivals. This inflatable event dome is made from a special semi-transparent material, allowing the internal projection to be viewed externally too. This technology decreases event costs by reducing the number and power of projectors required, eliminating the need for projection towers around the outside of the dome, keeping equipment inside and out of the weather, avoiding running cables across busy pedestrian areas, and reducing setup and break-down times.

Key features of semi-transparent dome

  • lower price for inflatable dome projection;
  • one-of-a-kind installation for festivals;
  • the quick and easy installation process.

Frameless custom shaped screen

projection dome with custom screen shapeHaving mastered the building of affordable and portable dome screens, in 2018 set about creating screens of different, irregular shapes. Our engineering team developed a new frameless technology to install our screens in any venue, be it a new attraction zone or existing building.

Key features of the frameless screen:

  • rapid installation;
  • customized  screen shapes;
  • can be installed in an existing building without major structural work.

A customized decorative cover

Fulldome.pro provides a range of decorative dome ideas. Choose a decorative cover from our variety of existing designs or make your dome unique and fully reflect your vision or company branding.

For 2019 our team can create:

  • full-color printed cover;
  • an inflatable cover in any shape;
  • partial dome cover;
  • dome cover with additional decorative elements;
  • decorative cover with stand-alone inflatable installations.

Negative pressure technology: how do we form screen in less than 5 minutes?

How solid screens transitioned into next generation easy to install solution?

For as long as there have been planetariums there have been dome screens. That means that the history of dome screens started with the first Zeiss planetarium projection in 1923.

How the story began

Initially, screens were solid plaster inside a concrete dome shell – a permanent part of the building. More recently perforated aluminum screens have been used in fixed planetariums around the world. But neither of these are portable, and both are expensive.

Why did we develop new screen technology?

  • to make the installation process faster & easier;
  • to reduce screen weight;
  • to make dome more affordable.
12M dome with negative-pressure screen
Negative-pressure dome

How do we use negative-pressure technology to make perfect screen almost anywhere?

Fulldome.pro use our patented negative‑pressure technology to make light-weight, yet high-quality projection screens that can be fitted into existing domes, be part of a new dome, or even a mobile dome.

Regular shaped screens

After we construct the dome frame, we stretch a cover over the outside and suspend a fabric screen inside the dome.

Three steps to form the perfect screen

  1. Connect the cover and the screen: connect the cover and the screen around the base of the dome, leaving the frame inside the closed envelope.
  2. Switch on the screen: use fan to suck the air out from between the screen and the cover, creating negative pressure.
  3. Wait till the screen is formed:  the higher atmospheric pressure outside of the envelope pushes the cover inwards over the frame and pushes the screen outwards, towards the frame.

Little secrets to make the perfect screen

Because it has been precisely sewn to be smaller than the frame, the screen remains suspended inside the dome forming a perfect hemispherical projection surface. Once the screen is in shape, we can switch the fan to a lower speed, using less electricity and making it quieter too. For big domes, we often use more than one fan to evacuate the air faster, but once the screen has formed, we can turn all but one fan off.

What about an irregular shape or frameless screen?

In 2018 we developed a new process to make a negative-pressure screen with an external frame or no frame at all. This means we can make the screen in different shapes, not just a dome. This new process is how we made the irregular shaped screen for The Marvel Experience Thailand.

Hemispherical screen for The Marvel Experience Thailand
Irregular shaped screen

Negative-pressure technology in numbers

  • time to form the screen: around 2 minutes for a 3M dome, 20 minutes for an 8M dome;
  • weight of the screen: from 3kg for a 3M dome, 25kg for an 8M dome;
  • pressure between the screen and the cover: 100-200 Pascals (what is 1/1000 of the pressure in a car tire);
  • fan power consumption to maintain pressure: around 40 Watts;
  • fire safety compliance: all fabrics have been certified fire retardant;
  • noise from the fan during the forming screen: about 35dB;
  • noise from the fan during usage: about 30dB.

Next time we will tell more about our innovative technology about the negative-pressure dome. Stay connected to learn more!

Wisdome LA: turning downtown into dome-town

New immersive entertainment park in Los Angeles

The world’s first fully immersive entertainment theme park, in the heart of downtown Los Angeles Arts District, is a collaboration between Wisdome LA and Fulldome.pro. The event space, comprising five large domes, will be home to the world’s most innovative art exhibitions, theater performances, corporate retreats, executive meetings, and venue for milestone celebrations.

What is Wisdome LA?

Wisdome LA is an interactive digital dome venue with five big domes, ranging in size from 39 ft (12 m) to a huge 90 ft (27 m) diameter, all supplied by Fulldome.pro. The 35,000 square foot multi-dome, art, theater and events complex has fully immersive visual capabilities, spatial sound, and customizable interiors to provide a one-of-a-kind experience to LA’s most progressive audience. Event Dome, Art Dome and Dome-As-A-Venue – Wisdome LA brings together our most popular turnkey solutions.

Wisdome LA is a cutting-edge dome venue for:

  • immersive storytelling and transformational art
  • marketing and business events
  • digital art exhibitions
  • music shows and theater performances
  • other celebrations

Upcoming activities in Wisdome LA

LA CoMotion

15-17 November 2018

Think: Floyd EXP

17 November 2018

Get more info

If you have any ideas for events or activities at Wisdome LA please contact our manager Maria by email: m.aldarova@fulldome.pro


Today we’ll tell you about yet another tool for business: a dome for marketing/brand activation/presentations. The projection dome is a universal solution that simultaneously creates a space for presentations and business meetings and serves as a canvas for the presentation of content. While there are usually no questions about the former, there’s often all kinds of misunderstandings about the latter. Here we’ll tell you the whole truth.

Firstly, we should say that showing your presentation in a dome is very easy. All you need to do is supply us with a finished presentation in PDF or PPTX format, and our production studio 360ART will prepare the file for presentation in a dome. All that is required of you is to launch it from your iPad or laptop at the necessary time. The next relevant question is whether it’s possible to play a “flat” video under a dome. We’ll tell you straight off: yes, it’s possible. We’ll talk about this more in detail in the next article.


Domes made by Fulldome.pro take part in different festivals every summer. Since demand increases with every year, our engineers are creating and developing new solutions and new technologies, so that the locations for the events the domes are rented for are always as memorable as possible. So, allow us to present to you our solutions for festival domes:

1.DOME TENTS (domes as venues)

Used at: Panorama Music Festival NYC, USA | Vedalife Ukraine, Ukraine | Black Rock, USA

You don’t need to build a large construction in order to create a lounge zone or an amusement area at a festival. It’s more convenient and cost-effective to use geodesic domes from Fulldome.pro instead.


– quick assembly;

– large assortment of sizes: from 3 to 35 meters in diameter and even bigger;

– compact when packed;

– attractive decorative cover (available in various formats).


Used at: India Days, Russia| Atma Fest, Russia | Vedalife Ukraine, Ukraine | Bhakti Fest, USA

Our inflatable decorative covers have been winning admirers at festivals and live events for a long time already. It’s all down to the fact that a simple solution like a decorative cover gives you both a dome (as a projection space and simply as a construction) and an art installation.


– a possibility of bringing any concept to life: color, shape, idea;

– affordable price for a creative installation (when compared to wooden, metal and other installations);

– quick installation: depending on the size of the dome, the installation process takes from several hours to several days;

– multifunctionality: the dome simultaneously serves as a decoration on the outside and a space for relaxation/discos/films/other activities on the inside.


Used at: ATMA FEST, Moscow | Vedalife Ukraine, Ukraine | Black Rock, USA

New technologies allow live performances by musicians and DJs to be made even more impressive: thanks to our latest developments music is now synchronised with a fractal show, and depending on the music, visitors will see a unique show under the dome.


– “living” shows: each new performance will be accompanied by a unique visual sequence since the visuals are created in synchronization with the music;

– state-of-the-art technology: our new solution has been tested at several festivals, with total delight the result;

– multifunctionality: the musical visualizer makes a musical performance unique, while the dome serves as a location for a presentation.


Used at: Vedalife Ukraine, Ukraine | Atma Fest, Russia

More than anything else, it’s the Transparent Dome that we remember this festival season for. It’s been a long time since we saw a dome give people so much enjoyment. So what’s the secret? Well, during the daytime the inflatable dome serves as a space for activities, while after dark the lighting is switched on inside the dome, turning it into a cinema on the inside and a living installation on the outside.


– Advanced technology that allows the internal lighting to be used for the external illumination of the dome;

– possibility to set up the dome in both small and large sizes while still providing capacity for a large number of people;

– quick installation: the absence of metal construction elements means that assembly takes no more than one day.

5.BIG DOMES( from 16M in diameter)

Used at: Coachella, USA | Vedalife Ukraine, Ukraine | ATMA FEST, Russia | Panorama Music Festival NYC, USA | Black Rock, USA

We long ago dispelled the myth that good domes with high-resolution onscreen imaging can only be found in smaller sizes. This season, our largest illuminated dome was the 37-meter dome at the Coachella festival, which not only provided seating for around 1,000 people but also provided a unique show under the dome.


– very quick installation (from 1-5 days, depending on the size);

– packs down to a relatively small size: a 35-meter dome will fit into a single truck when packed:

– high-quality image projection even in large domes;

– large capacity: from 220 people (16-metre dome) to 1500 people (37-metre dome).

ATMA360: performances in the event dome

We have already written about the permanent dome that opened at the Stas Namin Theatre in Moscow at the end of August. After a grand party to mark its opening, visitors to the АТМА360 expected nothing less than a bold and colourful continuation from us – and we were ready. The АТМА360 is now a modern venue for concerts and next-generation presentations in the very centre of the city. The live performances in the dome with musical synchronization and a fractal show have already become popular and gather full houses for concerts.

To find out what happened at the opening and how we wowed the guests, click here.


Introducing our new and innovative product – PARTY DOME. We’ve lost track of the number of times our domes have been used for a party, but now we want to present our latest creation for events – a dome with translucent membranes. The dome is sewn from diaphanous fabric allowing the projections from inside the dome to be visible from outside of the dome.

With music visualisation software the PARTY DOME can be used for discos, concerts, and performances, or simply as a chill space/lounge. At night time the dome comes into its own as an amazing decorative addition to any location. What can be more beautiful or attractive than our new PARTY DOME?


As the summer drew to an end, our team finished the installation of a fixed, 18-meter dome. ATMA360 opened to the public on August 25 and has already amazed thousands of amazed visitors with the big permanent dome and four temporary domes.

Our team built the main 18-meter dome from the ground up just under a month. The structure is built to cope with the harsh Moscow Russian weather and keep the 200 people seated inside comfortable year-round during dome shows and live performances.

The area of Gorky Park around the Stas Namin Theater was further decorated with a 14 meter LOTUS DOME to entertain visitors with Fulldome content, a 16 meter translucent dome as a party zone with DJs, live music and musical visualization that could be seen from the outside, and two smaller domes were used as lounge zones.

Check the photos to see our new permanent location in Moscow.






天狼星科学与艺术公园是一个独特的多功能空间,它联合了众多的教室、实验室和会议厅。投建的所有工作,都围绕着要建成俄罗斯最大也是全球最大的以普及高科技和自然科学馆展览中心之一,这一目标来展开。2017年,作为外太空教育科学展览的第一期项目,一个全尺寸的“布兰”号航天飞机模型在科学与艺术公园的户外展出。2018年7月,上层天文馆的展厅正式对外开放,里面配备了一个专业影院系统,可容纳60个座位。这里将放映有关太阳、太阳系的行星、飞往月球、研究宇宙方法的电影。这个影院项目是由俄罗斯国家核能公司Rosatom和Fulldome. pro互动世界公司搭档完成的,是学校移动投影系统生产商中公认的领导者。

















Fulldome.pro is the worldwide provider of an immersive environment –a new way to deliver an immersive experience to your audience. The way it works is very simple:

  • Step 1

Choose the dome that fits your request: this depends on the place where the dome will be installed or the number of people that it can accommodate.

  • Step 2

Get the starter pack with almost 50 fulldome shows to start your dome business. A wide range of genres gives you plenty of choices: immersive rides for theme parks, educational films for science parks and planetariums, a visual show for amusement areas, etc. And that’s not all: if you’re looking for something special to screen under the dome – your existing content or presentation or something new – our in-house production studio will prepare it for you.

  • Step 3

Receive the digital dome and start making a profit from your dome business.

Choose your dome here



Showing a variety of content to diverse audiences will help to fill the seats in your dome from morning until night, day after day, to give you a fast return on investment. How long does it take? It depends on the size of the dome.

For example, you have a 10-meter dome that has 40 seats in it. Every show lasts +/- 20 minutes.

*We did not consider the cost of electricity, air conditioning and wages in our calculations.

Learn more about domes here





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