The Challenge

To transform a meeting that lulls people into a slumber to an event that energizes the audience and gets an organization’s synapses firing.

The Concept

A fully-immersive, 360, digital environment that inspires the audience, engages the senses, promotes creative thinking, and produces an event that turns ideas into actions.
In life we spend a lot of time in meetings and, let’s face it, some of them are really boring. So, I designed a space for discourse that can facilitate information sharing, problem solving, decision making and creativity - a place to foster collaboration, encourage learning in a group environment and even to socialize.
Kristina, Designer

Innovative ideas presented in an interactive, immersive way

  • Cutting-edge projection technology makes your idea stand out.
  • Interactive 360 software available for your presentation.
  • We can create 360 content specifically for your event or reformat your existing content for the dome

Creative environment for leadership collaboration

  • Flexible design: Add zones for an expo, a café, or breakout meetings.
  • Relax in music, chill, or meditation zones
  • Multipurpose dome: Conference hall, 360 cinema, party space – all in one

Empowering people to succeed & share

  • Shared 360 VR experiences are made to wow audiences.
  • Bold ideas are eminently sharable on social media, making your guests your promoters.
  • Your logos and branding in the content and on the outside of the dome for powerful brand recognition


There is a dome size to suit your organization and its conference needs.

Concept reference: over 780 people are comfortably seated in 35 meter (115 foot) diameter dome. 

  • Diameter 35 m (115ft)
  • Height 19 m (62 ft)
  • Capacity 1600 people

Concept pics

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