The dome dilemma and how addressing it

At we believe the dome is the perfect platform for shared, immersive experiences. Unfortunately, there are many people who haven’t yet discovered the fun of sharing 360 cinema with friends and not many people making content for them to enjoy. realized this early and formed FullDomeLab, our own content production studio.

360ART (we renamed FullDomeLab a few years ago) has produced several award-winning animated fulldome films and partnered with other studios to help create shows too. We created a new fulldome genre by inviting artists, like Android Jones, to adapt and create works for the dome and in doing so brought new audiences to domes at festivals and planetariums around the world.

 360ART worked under the direction of Likuid Art to take artwork created for flat screens by US based digital artists and adapt it for the dome format. Originally conceived for Pepsi at Voodoo Fest in New Orleans, it is now an art showcase in its own right. We include most of this content with each system. Enough variety and quality of content to start exhibiting and assessing what works for your market.

Our team continues to experiment with new equipment and techniques of shooting for the dome using time-lapse photography, drones and camera rigs to create absorbing dome visuals.

By making domes more affordable and portable we are also helping build a bigger audience to demand more content. Our Studio Dome was designed to help creators to easily test and preview content, directly from production machines, and right in their own studios. 

So, get to your nearest dome, see a show, and then ask what else you can see. Demand for content will drive its creation.

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