The advent of online shopping means that people no longer need to visit the shopping mall to buy clothes and other goods. These days even supermarkets offer online ordering and home delivery. With cinema attendances either stagnant or falling due to easy access to content at home or even mobile, movies are not the drawcard they once were. 

So, in the absence of need, how can shopping malls attract visitors? 

By offering something that people can’t get with a few clicks of a mouse - an experience. The mall must become a destination for things other than shopping. 

Dome cinema offers something people can’t get at home - immersive group experiences. Virtual reality and 360 entertainment that can be enjoyed by the whole family or with friends - shared, social activities. 

The versatility of digital projection also means that the dome can be used for more than just entertainment too.On weekdays a dome can host school groups for astronomy and other educational shows, then in the evening and on the weekend it can return to providing entertainment for young and old.

A destination in itself, the dome can be surrounded by complementary activities. After a show the resident discovery toy store can leverage the excitement of budding astronomers to sell posters, books, and telescopes. Guests who have just watched the wonders of a journey through India could emerge from the dome to be greeted by the aroma of curries from a food court vendor.

The dome experience will draw an audience to the mall. Clever management and enthusiastic tenants can turn them into customers.

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