As the sun set over New Orleans City Park on the opening night of the Voodoo Music + Arts Experience, attendees were drawn to the Pepsi Art Dome with its outer shell bathed in digital art projected from towers surrounding it. Inside the 12 meter (40-foot) closed dome audiences were treated to a show, using works from eight digital artists, projected at 4K resolution by the DX8 projection system.

The original art was animated by FulldomeLab and Likuid Art – a growing online subscription-based repository of original digital and animated art. As the weather turned wet on Halloween Saturday, the inside of the dome provided temporary refuge for soaked patrons, while bands played on the four stages outside. With rain continuing to fall, the organizers of Voodoo Fest were forced to cancel the final day.

The portable rigid-frame dome withstood both wind and rain to protect the projection system and other equipment from damage throughout the weekend.

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